We specialise in repairing all types of shoes and boots such as; Oxfords, Slippers, Athletic Shoes, Lacer Boots, Harness Boots, lace up boots, loafers and many more brands.

Things we can do:

- Re-glue Soles and/or Heels

- New full soles (same or comparable style)

- Insole Repair

- Zipper Repair

- Eyelet/Hook Repair

- Tassel,Elastic and Buckle Repair

- Stitch loose seames

- New heels (Same or comparably style)

- Clean and condition Uppers

- Colour restoration

- Factory Top Coat application

- Toe and Heel Plates.

- Boots repair, restore and alteration

As craftsmen who understand how to alter any boots, like Fashion and western. Most In the industry don't want to do this painstaking work and cannot dedicate the time to do it properly. At Sunshine Shoecare we repair by customising boots as one of our specialities.

Our Services for the boots are as follows:

  • Cut down Boot or Shoe
  • Cut Heels
  • Replace Zipper
  • Replace Elastic Across The Top of the Boot or Shoe
  • Stretch the shoe or Boot across the Calf
  • Replace Heels
  • Extend Boot to wrap around your leg.

Shoe and Boots Stretching

We have different machines for the widening and lengthening of boots and shoes. After the stretching process is complete, the leather is polished and or conditioned. Depending on the material and construction of the shoe, we can stretch it up to a half size larger were possible.

Stretching Process Include the following:

  • Replacing laces with Velcro Closures
  • Mid-foot widening
  • Extended openings
  • Stretch width and or toe box
  • Stretch boot instep
  • Adding a Rocker Sole
  • Bubble patches
  • Making custom Orthopaedic Footwear
  • Stretch Boot Calf
  • Stretch width and length